Vienna Calling Beagle & English Foxhound Kennel
Am Graben 28
3470 Kirchberg am Wagram


Our self chosen mission in lifemustbedone with lot of timeand effort, where the dog, ourpartnerneeds more heart andmind, andshouldberegardedas an individual.Our dogsare familymemberswho livewithus andshare oureverydaylife hundred percently.They'reall unique,are notconsideredas a basisfor a production.

Wecanonly put extremelywell-natureddogs inthe breed.Our "brood dogs" are characterized by health,mental strength, benevolence,calm character, and hunting ability. When that all iscompleted bybeauty, which correspondstothestandard, thebasisis donefor goodbreeding.

We place the highest value onsocialisationandshaping, our puppies leaveuswithalreadywell-foundedbasistosettlequicklyinto thelives of their newfamilies. We rely oncharacteristics-firstcommandmentisbreeding of good tempered healthy dogs, weare convinced thatgoodbaseisthe key toharmonioushuman-dog relationships, andgiveour bestin the raising.
Raising withheart andknowledge- onlythe best for ourpuppies.  
Our breederstasksdo not end withtheleavingof ourpuppies- no matter if thesmalldog comes into a"showhome", is usedfor hunting, are dog sports destinated for itsfuture, or will be "just" a belovedpet of thefamily-allare partsof ourVienna Callingextended family.As a "New Age" breeder weofferourfriendship also with each puppy - we answer on the best possible wayallquestions, caringis a priority forus. Weregularlyorganizemeetings whereeveryone iswelcome,and look forward tothe feedback, messages and photos ofthepuppies.

Welcome toourbeaglefamily!