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3470 Kirchberg am Wagram

Vienna Calling United Spirit (Moritz - in Austria/in Österreich)

Beagle / VC Stud male

Birth date: 2019-08-05

Moritz lives in Upper Austria with Sabrina and her family, he shares with his home with cats and he is a darling boy.

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  • Callname: Moritz

  • Pedigree name: Vienna Calling United Spirit

  • DOB: 05.08.2019

  • Breeder: ”Vienna Calling”

  • Gender: male

  • Colour: tricolor

  • Height at withers: 38cm

  • MLS clear by parentage

  • NCCD clear by parentage

  • IGS clear by parentage

  • Hypocatalasia CAT N/N clear

  • FVII N/N
  • Lafora clear by parentage
  • POAG N/N clear
  • PK Def N/N clear
  • PRA N/N clear
  • Sire: Altajara Look But Don't Touch
  • Dam:Vienna Calling Judy Garland
  • Show successes:

  • Candidate for the Austrian Champion

  • 3 x CACA

  • res.CACA