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A-Litter Birthday Party 2011

Time passesquickly,andour Casino puppies(MaglódiBiggy-BoysDreamx MonacoXandrina)are 1 yearold.To celebrateproperly, we invited the puppies andourspecialbeaglefriends (Fame, Bo, Angeland Snoopy) at19.08.intothedog areaat the OldDanube.That was aspecial moment for us to see5 puppiesfrom6together again-the only onewho was missingwasHuby(Vienna CallingAceof Hearts),but he livestoo farjustto be abletocelebrate.But,in order tobe presentwe put his picture onthecake!

This cakewasdesignedfor two-legged,butthe birthdaychilds also got a gift!Ihoped very muchthat Icanapprox. theneck sizeofeach- and they also will likethe colors...well, each puppy got of us a collar embroidered withthe name.Dogbiscuits, homemadetreatswere also not to miss-every puppyownerhas donehis "contribution", thank you!

Theweather wasgreat andeveryone hadfun-it was nice tosee them alltogetherand it wasnice to seehow wellthe puppieshave arrivedin their families.Iamverygrateful thatI getevery dayconfirmsthat thesewildyoungstersare lovedso hot!Ihope very much thatDiamond (Vienna CallingAce ofDiamonds)who is leavingussoon also foundagreat family,and my feelingshould be right!

I look forwardto seeing you again,until thensome snapshotsof the day are inthe gallery!