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B-Litter Birthday Party 2012

...and the year is out again. Already we celebrate our B - American Movies puppies birthday next week. We wanted to profit from the good weather, and so long as our Olive (Vienna Calling All In) is moving well we wanted to celebrate accordingly - and thus have organized the birthday celebration for 10.11.2012. This time we have invited our puppies and dog friends in the dog area in Perchtoldsdorf.

We have - let's say "traditionally" - for our B's also worried about a gift, the collars with their nams have arrived in the last second the night before ... And we can see already that they also made the owners happy. :)
4 puppies were out of our B-puppies present: Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect), Flash (Vienna Calling Behind Enemy Lines), Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich) and Lucky (Vienna Calling Blade Runner). Lucky we have seen for the first time since he moved out from us - it was a pleasure that he was there, he has also developed magnificently. Bonnie (Vienna Calling Basic Instinct) unfortunately could not take part in the ceremony -  her gift is waiting in the mailbox for her.
Besides the ordinary romp for the dogs, we also have had our fun - Thomas has put his shoulders to the wheel, he made already in the early morning fried duck breast and roastbeef ... This landed on sliced dumplings and baguettes, and then with various garnishes in our stomachs. Even a glass of champagne for all, and a piece of the birthday cake ... who needs more?
Thanks to all who came! And thanks for the cake and the nice gift!