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Spring Party 2014

We have long searched for a suitable date - asked our puppy families, tried to find a date on our calendar until finally it was clear - our spring meeting was scheduled for May 11. This time we picked a trail - and we thought, Mai is already really spring, we really don't need this time anything more than few pavilions, beer benches - it will be a perfectly sunny day. The Saturday before - and as we know it already today, also the Monday after was actually a dry day. Not so the Sunday...

We met in the early at Großwetzdorf, and we went along the wine trail. There is on the website of the family Schober more about wine trail. Despite clouds and rain drops the most of them who voted for this date were at the starting line. With a brief stop at the wine fountain and a non-scheduled stop at an other point, we came back pretty wet after 2 hours to our cars. Unfortunately, there are not as many photos and as you can see, even the few that we have are partly rainy...

Then we drove to us - where Thomas has already prepared the food. Goulash, spareribs, grilled sausages, potatoes, salad and grilled vegetables plus grill cheese for the veggies awaited the hungry hiker. We were spoiled with cake and tiramisu brought by the people. If it had not rained cats and dogs, we certainly had have more fun. At the end both the beagles and humans looked as drowned rats, and really we couldn't amuse ourselves so really. A quick quiz - a little chat, and soon we said goodbye to each other.

We must also mention we rejoice us that in addition to the 9 Vienna Calling dogs and our pack there were some Beagle friends also with us - it was all in all a nice day!

Here is the list of weatherproof participants:

A - Casino litter: Olive (Vienna Calling All In)

B - American Movies litter: Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect), Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich)

C - Hot & Spicy litter: Flo (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Flower)

D - Kids of Destiny litter: Bonita (Vienna Calling Daddy's Little Girl), Dana (Vienna Calling Dana My Dear), Oscar (Vienna Calling Date With Destiny)

E - Flower Power litter: Mallow (Vienna Calling Evening Sundrop), Theo (Vienna Calling English Daffodil)

And our 'Special Guests' : Ari, PietEmelieLotteLissa, Carry, Aiven & Aeowyn!

Thanks to Roman also that he built up his mini-shop!