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Vienna Calling 5th Anniversary - 2015

We celebrate this year our 5th anniversary of our breeding. Hard to believe, it is already 5 years that our kennel has been registered and that our A litter was born. It seems to me as it was just yesterday. Definitely it was a great a-propos to invite our Vienna Callings for a meeting. We had a big luck this time that we could have rented the dogschool "Dog Cooperation" in Königstetten - and it was also a sunny day! The beagles had a blast by running and playing, but we also cared for the well-being of the humans. We made a bbq and als a funny little game (ok, this time I was not so imaginative but for the next time I am already collecting the ideas) and our usual beagle quiz couldn't also miss! We say again THANK YOU to all who came and also to all, who weren't with us but spent the day with us in their thoughts! It was nice to see you again!

The participants:

From the A-litter: Olive (Vienna Calling All In) und Maya (Vienna Calling Active Player)

From the B-litter: Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect), Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich) und Flash (Vienna Calling Behind Enemy Lines)

From the C-litter: Mona (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Myrtle)

From the D-litter: Bonita (Vienna Calling Daddy's Little Girl), Dana (Vienna Calling Dana My Dear), Tara (Vienna Calling Desert Rose) und Henry (Vienna Calling Duke Of Wolves)

From the E-litter: Charly (Vienna Calling English Bluebell)

From the G-litter: Mona (Vienna Calling Grande Amore), Gemma (Vienna Calling Goodbye To Yesterday) und Drops (Vienna Calling Grand Final)

From the H-litter: Lena (Vienna Calling Heart Of The Ocean), Nino (Vienna Calling Heart Shaped Diamond) und Max (Vienna Calling Hixon Ruby Crystal)

And of course our own pack :)

Thanks again and see you next time!