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Year in review 2017

A year to reminisce... at the turn of the year one remembers the particularly beautiful and especially sad moments. In a breeder's life, smiles and tears are often close to each other. How was our 2017...?

The first thought comes to my mind is turbulent. It was a year with plenty of ups and downs.

We raised three gorgeous litters - our Ms were born just at the beginning of 2017 and for the first time, we had our N and O puppies nearly at the same time in September. To expect these puppies, and to bring them to the world is of course never easy - we also had some hard moments. We have worked hard for them and with them and they brought a lot of happiness not just to us, but also to their families. We can proudly say, our work as breeder is awarded not only with a lot of show wins during the year all around Europe but also with plenty of moments of joy the owners share with us. Our Vienna Callings are the result of our thought through breeding plans, of our knowledgable raising methodes and of our love and care. 

One of the most memorable moments was of course our yearly Meet The Pack - despite rain and cold we had an amazing day together with our babies and their families. Each year, this event is for us like Christmas. To meet them again and to see how they changed and matured makes us so really happy. 

To list all our show wins would be just bragging, but of course, we can not forget about some remarkable victories. One of these is the biggest recognition one can get in Austria, we are proud to live with a special boy who can be now called Austrian Champion of Champions... Not to mention our two World Winner English Foxhounds who literally wrote history. We cheered for a couple of new champions at our home and by other owners, breeders and we followed with excitement the path of our Vienna Callings in the breeding. We were over the moon while getting amazing news from all around and we were crying with our friends if something went wrong... 

We are eternally thankful to fate to have some long-year friendships in the Beagle World - we learned to distinguish right from wrong, true from fake. We got to know some amazing new persons and we built our relations stronger than ever with some real friends. The moments of laugh and cry together we will always remember. 

2017 showed us again, even with the best plans it is always Mother Nature we as breeders have to deal with. We had to say goodbye to a wish to get one more litter of our Canadian girl. We had to learn how sensitive a pack life can be and that we always shall listen to our gut. We had to change some ideas in the last minute - timing is often our enemy while forging on new plans. But at the end of the day we realized, it was the right decision. 

This year also brought new members to our pack... Some were just karma, and some were a wish which became true. It all has found its place and we had to accept, a pack has its own energies and own way of dealing - but we have to learn to coordinate and rule it. And we always have to think on the dogs first - it is their well-being which has to be more important of our own egoism. This was a hard lesson but we believe, we do and will do always the best for them. 

We look forward to 2018 - with open mind and heart. With a lot of plans, dreams and wishes. And a bit fearful. Will the new year be good for us?