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Boys on road

As a breeder we can`t always keep all puppies we consider very promising. Sometimes the best dogs land on a sofa. The main goal is that all our puppies have lovely and great homes but sometimes we wish that one or another gets shown. Why is it important? Mainly, beside the glamour of winning every dog show is a kind of overview of the breeding. We as breeder shall always be able to follow where the development of our breed goes and we also always have to put in the spotlight our breeding to see if we are on the right path to follow the breed standard. 

Unfortunately, in Austria it is not very popular for "normal" dog owners to enter their dogs to dogshows. It is more and more a place where only breeders, stud male owners and handlers are exhibiting. We are always very happy if one owner has a bit interest in it and wants to participate. Often the first shows as a newcomer are hard and one has to work hard on the showtraining of the dog and on the own skills.

Our task, as a breeder is an all-time suport.

We are very happy, if we have the possibility to give a helping hand and also very glad if we are trusted to show also dogs who are from our breeding but not owned by us.

Two boys now enrich the showteam and are being presented on some exhibitions by us.

One of them is Kingston - Vienna Calling King Of Kings

Kingston is living in Germany, by Franz and Sabine Krückels (Novesia-Beagles). He was already chosen as a puppy with the hope that he - like his buddy Amadeus - will participate on shows. His owner did already well with him and he also has his breeding approval. He is the sire of our actual P-litter. We are very satisfied with his puppies and looking forward to seeing them growing up. As we planned a couple of shows this summer we agreed with his owners to let him come back to us for a while. Kingston has a lot of potential and he will sure have some success. We are thankful for the trust and we will campaign Kingston till July. We know, it is hard for his owner to miss him and we know, it is not an easy decision to send him for holidays (or bootcamp?) to us. Thus we say a very big thank you. During his stay with us, Kingston will be shown by us and he is open for stud for suitable bitches with the permission of his owner.

 The other boy in the show team this year is Elvis - Vienna Calling Moody Blue

Elvis is living as a family dog by a great family in Austria. His owner already showed him a couple of times. He was already once on road with us and he gets better and better in the showring. We hope to get his breeding approval till the end of the year including some health tests as well. He sometimes spends some holidays at us and during these stays he will be campaigned by us. We are very thankful to his owners that they decided to let him do some shows. We are sure, he will be not just an enrichment to our breeding later but he has all the potential to become also a successful show dog.

We are very thankful to these cooperations and all the owners, breeders around the world who show Vienna Callings with great success and to all who add them to their breeding program.