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We hope on puppies end of July 2018!

This year the girls take over our timetable and it all comes as it has to come. Living with a mixed pack together in each moment makes the females getting synchronized to each other and with this, somewhat mixing up our plans. However we believe, everything happens for a reason, we were not really amused from the fact, that Witch has been waiting to come back from Italy where she visited her groom to be and where we left on way back home a broken car and a lot of troubles. But in the past it has been proven already a couple of times, harmony always rises from the biggest chaos. With the help and support of Charlie`s owner-breeder, Federica we managed to get back Witch in right time to Italy and now we hope to confirm the pregnancy in some weeks. 

Our Witch (Vienna Calling Judy Garland) was mated between 19-21.05.2018 to Charlie (Born To Be My Destiny)!

As we were planning the first litter of Witch - a dog with a lot of charizma, lovely temperament, amazing easy movement and so on... we were sure the male has to be at least as special as she is for us. Charlie fits into all points. We practically know him since his birth. He is from the first litter of Ariel in Italy and a direct line from our first breeding female, Dream. As I went to see this litter to Federica's we spent a lot of time to be able to read in the future and to discuss, which boy has to stay - who will be "THE" destiny? Charlie topped every hope and he became a very unique show dog.  Witch on the other side is the combination of our Dream's and Masha's line. With this mating we coupled a lot things we love about our beagles - beautiful heads with the pleading and friendly expression, great ears, super bones and structure, level toplines etc... but above all, amazing dogs who are a joy to live with.

Needless to say, we are excited about this upcoming litter.

The approximative date of birth is about the 21st of July 2018.

We expect by this litter both tricolor and tan&white puppies. 

Our puppies are socialized and raised by the most modern cynological rearing methods including being the only Puppy Culture Beagle-breeder on the continent. They are allowed to leave us earliest by full 8 weeks (in the 9th week). Our care lasts lifelong, we are and will be always here for our puppies and their families. 

The litter will be MLS/NCCD and IGS genetical free.

The puppies can`t be affected with Lafora disease.

Thanks so much Federica Cibin to allow us to use Charlie in our breeding and for your friendship!


If you are interested for a puppy from our breeding contact us via E-Mail: or by phone 0676-63-52-337 or  0664-36-72-379!

We would be happy about to know you already before the birth and we are glad to answer any questions about our breeding or the Beagle breed.