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Retrospective of the year 2018

A year ends, and it is time to let it pass by a retrospective.

2018 was a hard year for us on lots of levels. Maybe the hardest since we are in the breed for 10 years now. Thus the pain, the sorrow, the fail and the disappointments we look back on a successful year.

Our hound gang and our offspring was shown on more continents and we can't thank enough to the fellow breeders and owners who have trusted us worldwide. That's sure, "Vienna Callings" already made up a name standing for quality around the world.

The success of a breeding is not just measured by trophies and titles, but by the feedback of the joys of living with the "merry little hounds". One of the highlights was for sure this year again our "Meet The Pack" family day with our offspring.

We cheered for a big number of new champions at our home and abroad - to be honest, I can't count all the titles, breed & group wins, BIS placements during the year. One is sure we are on the right path. One moment to remember is for sure a class win at the World Dog Show with our own breeding, more Best In Show & Best In Show Speciality wins and the fact, all our adult dogs are now International (Beauty/Show) Champions.

We could also celebrate successful field trials, and we could be happy about some clear health tests and litter controls. Our work never ends, and we can always try to do better. We are the only beagle breeder on the continent being a qualified Puppy Culture breeder in Europe. But this is just one of the special raising program we partly invented on our own and we are working with to raise our puppies for the future.

We learned, that big promises, trustworthy agreements are just empty words and we learned to let hands lose. No need to climb up on our backs for earning success if one does not understand our clear principles: honesty, transparency and trust. Those who treasure our support know, what this means.

We learned, that there is always a ray of light in the darkest moments, and in need we really know who is at our side. We are very thankful to all who helped and supported us during this year.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 and now we will just enjoy some calm days together with our pack, while working on some amazing project including writing a book and learning for my breed judge exam finally after years spent in completing the very serious formation in Austria...

We wish all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.