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Two boys sired by our Dollar are looking for their families!

Being a breeder it is not just being responsible for our own bred puppies. As a stud owner we also follow up closely the offspring of our males.

We also support and care of the breeders who have chosen our males for their breeding program. We visit the puppies if we can due time and/or distance.

As in such case, we are gladly also try to help these puppies to find loving families. 

At this moment, 2 tan&white boys after our Dollar (Vienna Calling Dollars To Donuts) are looking for their homes by the Virágvárosi Bozótharcos kennel. They are located in Hungary. You can contact by interest their breeder, Zsuzsanna Ilyés or if you need help by the communication or you have any questions you can also contact us.

The boys were born on the 12.08.2018, they are microchiped, fully vaccinated and they have of course a pedigree.  They can't be affected with MLS/NCCD/IGS and Lafora Epilepsy.

Virágvárosi Bozótharcos Doctor Cupid

Virágvárosi Bozótharcos Dollar Junior





We wish to the boys and their littermates loving families and hope to get their news also later!