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We are celebrating Justin's 10th Birthday!

Our bear is 10 years old.

A milestone in dog life - and also in our common life.

Many shared memories come up - the call back then, from his breeder from the Netherlands. Just before Christmas. Our journey - and the first hug, and how he, almost 7 months old, spent most of the journey on my lap on the way to his new home. Our common path - our hurdles, our great victories. Our great love for each other. As a young dog he was our puppy-nanny. And the educator of the young dogs - the watchdog of the girls. He tolerated nowhere and never when another dog, be it a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler wanted to harass our girls - and to let them hump the girls! That was not even possible. Then he made himself big. But otherwise - he was a highly social and a very dear cuddler. We have experienced a lot together.  We learned together and from each other. He has given a lot for our breeding, but also learned us a lot about lines and abilities.

We thought 3 years ago, he will leave us because of a nasty and very rapid prostate inflammation. But Justin was and is a fighter. We did it together.

We wish our beloved Teddy Justin (Basic Drive's Just Start Again) Happy Birthday!