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We are hoping on our U litter beginning of August!

The month of May has said good-bye to us on a turbulent way. 

Our girls have most likely waited for the warmer summer temperatures and Witch decided to get in heat at once - punctually where we planned, after full 10 years, to finally take a couple of holidays only two of us. But the dogs and the breeding is always going first - so everything has been rescheduled, and we have only taken a few days togetherness, while preparing the trip to Holland.

Why Holland? Wouldn't it be enough to use just an own a dog or find a stud dog somewhere near to us? It would of course be theoretically possible - and that would be practical anyway. Breeding, however, always means planning for the future.

We chose this dog, Ticho, years ago - but we did not have the right bitch for him. Until then, Witch was born and she continued to develop from anatomy and optics to fitTicho according to our opinion... It's also important to keep an eye on our breed globally. For you, as a puppy owner, it's certainly nice if your puppy has siblings or half-siblings everywhere - but it's actually less great for our breed population. We always have to make sure that our beagles are not all closely related - because then what is left to choose from  at the end?!

So Witchy and I got on the way, everything went really well - until my car had had enough somewhere in Germany. There was nothing left for us but ÖAMTC - thank God for travel assistance. Witch and I were in the tow truck shortly afterwards. The time ticked - but since we were well on schedule, we knew, according to the breeding time determination, all was still ok - we still had a little time, we would certainly not miss this train. We were able to bridge the time in the garage with a walk and then the verdict fell - car must stay, repair certainly takes more than 2 working days. Quickly everything packed in the replacement car - and with half a day late, but yet we arrived at our friends in the Rhineland.

That's how it finally came to the meeting between Mr. Right and Witchy Witch...

Witch (Vienna Calling Judy Garland) was mated toTicho (Altajara Look But Don't Touch) on the 1st and 3rd June 2019.

Thank you Yvon, that we could use Ticho in our breeding program.

Ticho is a medium sized, strong male with a lovely expression - he is very relaxed and cool (he reminds me a lot from his character to our Dollar). He harmonizes a lot in the movement and from the art with Witch. Witch is our kangaroo-lap dog. If there is a lap free, she is immediately there, and she jumps without asking to her cuddles. 

We hope, this meeting stays not without consequences - we will know for sure in some weeks. 

If all goes according to plan, the puppies from this mating will be born about the 3rd August 2019.  

We expect by this litter tricolor puppies. 

The puppies will be MLS/NCCD/IGS and Lafora genetical free. 

Our puppies are socialized and raised by the most modern cynological rearing methods. They are allowed to leave us earliest by full 8 weeks (in the 9th week). Our care lasts lifelong, we are and will be always here for our puppies and their families. 


If you are interested for a puppy from our breeding contact us via E-Mail: or by phone 0676-63-52-337 or  0664-36-72-379!

We would be happy about to know you already before the birth and we are glad to answer any questions about our breeding or the Beagle breed. 


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