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Birthday wishes in March

Our J-litter is celebrating already the 5th birthday on 23.03! Time goes by with huge steps - they still stay our babies forever. We are sending big kisses to  Einstein, Hubert, Shilling, Bella and Janis - our Witch is going to enjoy her "s ...
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Merlin rocked the ring

We have all been waiting longingly for dog shows somewhere in Europe again. Why are these shows so important for us? On the one hand, every dog show is a breed show - the dogs are compared with the breed standard of the country of origin and assessed by t ...
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Happy Birthday Lopez & Masha!

A double birthday in the double-digit range, today our Lopez (Gold Junior Lopez) turns 13 and our Masha (Beyonce Spotty Friend) turns 10! Life without our oldies would be almost unimaginable - we love them especially strongly with all their whims and pecu ...
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January birthday greetings

Our M-litter is celebrating their 4th birthday on the 15th January!  We are sending our warmest greetings to Monk, Leo, Elvis, Tuula, Nala (1) and Nala (2)! Let yourself to be spoiled and have a great celebration!    Our W-li ...
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end.   We can probably all agree that the year has tested us all. But we have to say that despite our difficulties in everyday life, the year also brought something good - we were all more there for ...
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The last shows of the year

This year 2020 was special in a lot of ways including also that we had participed in a couple of shows only.  But at the end of the year it turned out that two of our ladies got to show themselves.   2x IDS Podgorica (MNE) 28-29.11.2020 Judge - ...
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Collective birthday greetings

4 of our litters are celebrating their birthday in November!  Our B litter will be already 9 year-old on the 15th November! Happy Birthday Flash, Lucky, Charlie, Mono and Bonnie! Our I-puppies will be also already on the 18.11 5-y ...
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Well done Fraser!

We are sending our greetings to South Africa!  Fraser - Vienna Calling Prince Charming at Morninghunt has added to his already impressive list of results a Reserve Best of Breed under judge Hans Kuilman.   Congratulations to owner/handler Audrey ...
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The Foxhounds in the spotlight

On the 3-day-shows in Békéscsaba our young Foxhounds had a blast. Ashlee was only entered for Friday, but her brother Arthur was representing the breed on all three days. Needless to say, we are proud of them.   IDS Békésc ...
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Year-end hunting trials

As repeateadly every year so far we have unproven dogs, we participate on the hunting trials organized by the Austrian Beagle Club. Desppite not being hunters, we say the instincts of a hunting dog breed are necessary to be kept, challenged and examined. ...
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Merlin's Showstart

Little Merlin started right through into the show happening and showed his little socks off. 3x IDS Komarom (H) -02-03-04.10.10 under judges Ms. Gabriella Csigai (H), Mr. Lajos Holovitz (H - Kennel Gála) and Mr. Laszló Erdös (H) Merlin ...
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Birthday wishes

We are sending today our birthday wishes to our beagle girls from our S-litter! Cookie and Lucy are turning 2 today!  Our wishes are going at the same time today from France to Bulgaria - our English Foxhound puppies Arthur, Alastair, ...
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