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Breed prejudice - the beagle is...

The other fact - check : prejudice about a breed
The truth. About Daria and her peers. The Beagle is...
...hard - likely not to train
     Not true. Beagles are highly intelligent creatures and love to be challenged . They also belong to the group of " hounds ". Also a large garden does not replace two walks per day. Anyone who withholds his beagle movement must count with the fact that he alone will seek for "employment" on his own. In addition, the Beagle loves training together - Search games, obedience, agility courses. Almost everything that we undertake together, makes him happy, because he is a pack animal  who likes to be among his mates or people close to him . Anyone who thinks he can imprison the beagle home alone as a watchdog  epic fail. Of course, an adult beagle can also stay also four hours alone, but he'd rather come with.
     Beagle puppies chew on furniture and carpets ? Right. But do other puppies too.
     Basically, the beagle is able to learn all the current commands at the age of ten weeks ( only retrieving is not in his nature, but can work with patience). In certain situations, it may take until the beagle obeys a command. Bred to rush small wild animals in the pack, he has learned to independently make decisions: who ferrets out first the hare runs at the track with sound . Respect, that the beagle is not "stubborn ", as it is rumored . He checks only on his own initiative , if the command fits the situation at the moment .
...terminally greedy?
     True - but for good reason. The adult beagle eats what he can get. A feeling of fullness he does not know. In the pack, it was always a rule, eat as much as possible if something is there. The consequence: never feed the beagle "according to demand", this leads to massive obesity. Even begging in the kitchen or at the table is to be ignored from day one . Because once it leads to success , the "requests" gets more demanding . No one notices it, the beagle checks it quickly, because he is smart enough to do only that which leads to the desired goal. But it is be expected that he will try it again after a few days .
 ...extremely fond of children?
     Partly true . His kind nature has the beagle brought the reputation of being "fond of children" Most beagles can actually pressed, pulled on the ears by the children and react cool on shriek, crying, raging. Still, that does not mean that the beagle would be suitable as a babysitter . Experts recommend not to leave any child under 12 years with a dog alone. This also applies to the family-friendly beagle. Especially bad is the combination with babies or small children, as the beagle is a a dog who needs attention, in addition to small children can not usually got enough of it.
...always on the hunt?
    True in many cases. The beagle was bred for the hunt . Animals were sorted out without hunting instinct . So he brings up today alsoa strong hunting instinct and sense of smell. If he is on the hunt, it may happen that he will cross the path of its owner. Without perceiving its calls .
Article from the KURIER from 1.9.2013 by Birgit Braunsrath