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Concerns BEFORE purchasing

Concerns BEFORE purchasing

Until most of you have this little book in your hand as part of the puppy kit, these thoughts about what you should have been thinking before purchasing a Beagle puppy are probably unnecessary since long and / or already discussed with us. But we also assume that some books will also land by people who are still before the purchase of a dog or beagle, therefore in this case better tell about once more than once less.

  • Is the beagle the right breed for me?

Beagles are pack dogs. A hierarchical order must be warranted packs or larger groups. Exactly from this highly social order Beagles are well suited to live in a family, they are child friendly, open and loving. The education of a beagle is different than of a shepherd, collie or poodle. So please, before you start thinking about to fall in love with a little floppy ear - think abour what kind of person am I, what do I expect from my dog, how do I imagine our living together? We are glad that if you visit us before the decision and you can experience the Beagles live - so you can really get an idea what to expect later.

The basis of the functioning living together is a consistent education. But more on that later.

The beagle needs patience, tolerance and humor.

  • Am I ready for a beagle?

Getting a puppy into the house should never be an ill-considered spontaneous decision. Puppies may be so cute, do not belong under the Christmas tree and are not spontaneous birthday gifts. The fact that the children are after a dog, may indeed be a nice idea but to the purchase of a new family member is part of a joint decision of the whole family. If you have decided on a beagle, it must be clear to everyone, a dog will determine everyday life for many years (with luck to 15-17 years).

  • Does a beagle fit into my daily routine?

If life is very stressful at the moment and the adult family members are strongly involved in their work, the children may still be too small to be responsible for themselves, it may not be the right time for a dog. Every single decision is very personal and individual. We may not generalize, but it is always better to discuss everything openly and perhaps find a solution together and bring to light possible points that could later be a problem. Although an adult dog needs plenty of rest during the day, it is not recommended to leave a dog alone for more than 5-6 hours a day - the beagle itself is not the simplest dog in terms of staying alone. It is advisable to consider well, if you want to adapt the already scarce free time really to the needs of the dog or maybe you have other priorities. Nowadays it is increasingly possible to take the dog to the office - or to do home office. But you also have to remember that the dog needs a settling in phase and he has to learn how to behave while working. How to make the days when working full time - are there other family members, friends or neighbors who can take care of the dog? Is there a possibility of hiring a dog sitter or a gassi service? These questions are never meant evil. They just really have to think about whether the idea with a dog is really that great.

  • What is the housing situation?

Before buying a beagle you should also question whether your own living situation is compatible with the dog's attitude. If you live in a rental apartment or house it is necessary to clarify in advance, whether owning a dog is allowed by the landlord. A beagle adapts perfectly to the rhythm of the family. However, it takes good reason to think that everything takes its time - such as housebreaking, getting used to it, setting the rules and, above all, it takes time a puppy to become a calmer, more adaptable adult dog. A beagle needs a fair amount of exercise - an adult beagle can make a difference between a weekday less busy or a weekend full of action. He is always happy to be with you, but if he was reared in an appropriate way, he can certainly accept such days well where one might do "nothing" together. A beagle can also be happy in a city apartment, if you've thought it through well and you realize how much exercise, how many social contacts one can offer the dog. Ideal for a beagle is a quiet home, possibly with its own garden or enough exercise options nearby. The beagle is not a garden gnome - he has his head and he always wants to be there. The beagle is not a dog to be hold outdoors. 

  • Are you ready to accept cuts in the cleanliness of the apartment?

Beagles hair once a year. From January to December. Despite the greatest care one must arrange with dog hairs everywhere in the apartment, on the clothes. Although beagles are self-cleaning and they rarely need to be bathed, they will always come home with wet or dirty fur and leave their mark.

  • Does anyone have an allergy to dog hair?

Anyone who is allergic to dog hair should refrain from buying a beagle. Also, this should be clarified for safety's sake before purchasing the dog. Nothing is worse for everyone involved if you have to leave your dog after a few weeks because a family member is allergic to animal hair. If the allergy to dog hair only occurs after having the beagle for a long period of time, it is of course difficult to separate from the beloved animal. We also stand by in such a case, but it is best if we do not come to such a moment and the topic is also discussed before the purchase.

  • How do you want to shape your holiday in the future?

If you decide to take the beagle on vacation, you should choose a destination that will do the dog justice. Above all, it must be ensured that sufficient exercise can be granted. You have to clarify in advance, if the hotel or the apartment accepts dogs. You also have to check the entry conditions for dogs in the respective country and inform yourself about the dangerous travel diseases - but more on that later. But if you like to make city trips or spontaneously book a last minute holiday, it is better to clarify in advance how the dog will be looked after during your absence. In general, we are always ready to take our puppies to our home for holiday care - we also like to discuss this possibility. For the puppy families who live in our area, we can also offer day care as support. Nothing is impossible, but it should be well thought out before the puppy moves in.

  • Can the family pay the running costs?

The purchase, even of an "expensive" beagle from a breeder is the lowest item. It must be clear to one, the too cheap offered puppies get usually not the start in the life which the Beagle needs. Before you spontaneously pick up a puppy from a trunk, you have to consider, you buy yourself a living thing. It is not the papers that make a dog "expensive" but if you add everything together until it comes to the point where a breeder gets puppies, then the prices which are too high for the moment are hardly enough to cover the costs. A breeder saves neither on the mother nor the puppy. They only get the best and then you don't even count the countless "overtime" the breeder spends next to the whelping box and with care and rearing.

One should figure out what costs incure as dog equipment, high-quality food, dog tax, insurance and veterinary costs during a dog's life.

  • What do we want as a breeder of those interested?

Unfortunately, we as  breeder are also very sensitive. We really answer every email and answer the phone to answer every question. Even questions like "what costs" are answered, but we also have some rules, how we imagine a future family for our puppies.

We can not accept orders like "we need a puppy at the beginning of the holiday". We have no stock of puppies and we plan every litter thoroughly. Ultimately, however, mother nature always decides when puppies are born at us. We also do not know in advance whether we can meet certain gender or color requirements. Puppies are not interchangeable, one is not the same as the other. Instead of looking for a puppy immediately, you first look for a breeder. A puppy purchase is a matter of trust from both sides. Tell us what your criteria are and take it upon purchase that you may have to wait for a puppy. Although we usually do not take more than 5 pre-registrations in advance - we do not want to disappoint if we do not have enough puppies out of a litter - but if you talk to us and show interest in our breeding plans, if you appreciate the personality of our dogs we can make an effort to have a puppy for you according to your criteria. If we do not plan a litter or have too many interested already on our list, we will tell you honestly and we will possibly recommend another breeder or another litter. We only recommend puppies that are either of our males or if we know the breeder and the litter.

A waiting time in the optimal case of 3-6 months is not uncommon. Remember, we'll have to wait until the right bitch is in heat, and we'll have to wait and see if she'll actually have puppies. If you there with us from the beginning, you can actually experience the life of your future puppy from day 1 with us.

We are happy if you write or tell us a short introduction. If you have serious interests, you are welcome to visit us before the litter - so you can experience our dogs in real life and we will take enough time to answer your questions. Understand that not every human being fits the Beagle breed. We always hope you are honest with us. We can only then ensure later that the right puppy moves in with you.

We know that price also plays an important role. But we would like to talk to you a little before that. We would like to tell about our dogs and introduce them to you. They are not part of a production where in the end a treadmill puppy is born, they are individuals and their offspring is part of our family. We like to call you the prize and accept it even if it does not suit you - but please be honest with us. It will later be a waste of time if you are clear already at this moment, you will not take a puppy from us but you expect us to keep you updated.

We think a lot, we get in touch regularly, we post pictures, we answer every question, we play a movie in our heads, how happy a puppy will be with you. It may be that we may cancel any potential families or send them elsewhere because you are at the top of the list for a puppy. It is then very disappointing when we find out, you are on the waiting list for all breeders and actually you have done a "breeder tourism". It's not a disaster for us if you pick a puppy elsewhere - just please be honest. So we do not take the chance of others to get a puppy from us. It is personally very sad when we call you joyfully that the puppies are there and it would be one for you from the gender and color but you tell us then that you already have a puppy.

Please let us help you to find the right puppy for you together. Pictures and videos are always cute and from time to time we have puppies called eyecatchers who somehow attract the full attention. Please wait with a decision until you visit the puppies. We will then tell you a lot about our observations and our experience helps us to assess enormously well how one or the other puppy will develop later from the nature and appearance. Look at all the puppies. Take the time to decide with you which puppy will join you. Our task is to ensure that our babies get the right families and become happy there. It's not that I like one family more or less but it's like I want to put every puppy where I feel it has the best chance for the optimal environment. Of course we take into account your wishes. The more clearly we know what you have in mind, the better we can help you along the way with your puppy.

Excerpt from the Vienna Calling Puppy Book - The Ultimate Guide of Living with a Beagle (Author / Copyright Helena Tomkahazy-Hajek)