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Reading stuff

... we read pretty much all around the dog and especially the Beagle. To list all of our favorite books would be a pretty long list, but we can provide some online resources available. To translate everything and put on our website would be not an easy job, maybe this will be done than and now, but till then the visitors of our site can find the originals listed here (most links lead to English pages).
Samantha Goldberg and Lynn Bailey have created an own page (Beaglehealth), where you can read a lot about the health of our breed, and you can search in the database for health test results worldwide. In the menu item 'General' you can find descriptions on various topics, and under the point 'genetics' some hereditary diseases of the beagles are described.
We also like to surf on the website of Ruth Darlene Stewart (Aladarbeagles) - there you will find many interesting articles general about the beagle, about health, about dog training, about exhibiting and judging and about breeding. Actually, we could integrate everything to our page!
Found for a short time, and we consider the page of Joanna Kimbell (Ruffly Speaking) very good - her 'puppy buyers etiquette' we have added a few days ago to us, but we have found quite a lot of very appropriate and very well-written articles on the page.
The posters on the page of Sophia Yin (Dr. Sophia Yin) are very learnful!
And there has to be also something German, the homepage of  Irene Sommerfeld-Stur (Sommerfeld-Stur) - almost all themes one can be interested about the breeding of dogs! 
It follows yet more for sure, but until then there's plenty to read on the warm summer afternoons!